Setting up of TACTICA Pharmaceuticals. The company joins to a group of the polish pharmaceutical firms. We are proud because of our polish roots and remember them by promoting values: safety, respect, honesty and tradition.

Changing the profile of the company. The intensive development of the company does not allow any stagnation. We change the initial line of action which connects a pharmaceutical consulting and building own product portfolio. Then we narrow down out activities to develop own line of medical products and diet supplements.  

Development of Rx portfolio. We launch a registration process of our first Rx and plan an implementation another products which may help the patients in a treatment of the most common laryngological diseases.

Development of Sales Department. The increasing product portfolio determines the changes in our sales group. Sales Department  is supplied a dozens group of the sales representatives.

Development of Marketing Department. Marketing Department extends with the development of our product portfolio and Sales Department. Product Managers, Marketing Specialists and Assistants join to the group responsible for marketing activities of TACTICA Pharmaceuticals.

Launch of the first Rx. Our first Rx products were met with a warm reception from both doctors and patients. We are happy to observe the development of awareness of our products and, above all, their indications and the symptoms of the particular diseases. We plan to implement the following products with even more energy.

Division of Sales Department. Increasing of the product portfolio determines changes inside the sale structure of TACTICA Pharmaceuticals. Sales Department is divided into medical and pharmaceutical groups.

Opening of the own pharmaceutical wholesaler.  Because of the new positions in our product portfolio and growing needs on the pharmaceutical market year-on-year we decide to open our own wholesaler.

Gardimax medica – advertising campaign. We start an intensive advertisig activity towards our patients. The campaing “Break up with your sore throat” promotes OTC line Gardimax medica (spray & lozenges). We are in the television, Internet, press and outdoor in the biggest Polish cities.

Setting up of R&D Department. The pharmaceutical market requires a flexibility and continual, rapt research so we invest not only to new products but also people who share us its knowledge and professional experience. Our new specialists chart a new direction for development of our company.