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Isonasin septo

Nasal rinse solution, ampoules
Medical device

Nasal irrigation solution used in rhinitis and mucosal inflammation.

Isonasin Septo
Medical device
Nasal rinse solution

Isonasin Septo is a nasal irrigation solution used in rhinitis and mucosal inflammation, which contains a physiological serum with liquefying complex, thyme extract and copper ions. Isonasin Septo allows to reduce nasal obstruction, remove an excess of mucus and infective factors, and reduce symptoms associated with the common cold.

Composition: sodium chloride, polisorbate 80, thyme extract, copper sulphate pentahydrate, glycerol, water.
Package contents: 20 ampoules, each containing 5 ml of the rinse solution.

Find more information about Isonasin Septo on http://www.isonasin.pl/

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Before using the medical device, please refer to the supplied instruction of use, which contains important information about the method and conditions of its use.


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