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Zatoxin® rinse

Medical device
Nose and sinuses rinse kit

Zatoxin Rinse is a medical device used in paranasal sinuses inflammation, rhinitis of various origins, before and after surgical procedures and prophylactically to maintain a proper hygiene of the nose and sinuses. Zatoxin Rinse allows to thoroughly clean the nose and sinuses from secretions, allergens and pathogens, thus limiting the accumulation of infective agents. A unique construction of the Zatoxin Rinse irrigator makes it possible to rinse the nose and sinuses in an easy and controlled manner – without the need for additional force and squeezing the bottle.

Composition of a sachet: sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate.

Package contents: an irrigation bottle (max. capacity 300 ml), a box of 12 sachets with a powder for a solution preparation, two tips for classic and mild irrigation, an instruction of use.

Supplementary kit contents: 30 sachets with a powder for a solution preparation, an instruction of use.

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Before using the medical device, please refer to the supplied instruction of use, which contains important information about the method and conditions of its use.

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