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Spumax wzdęcia

Soft gelatin capsules
Medical device

Alleviation of gastrointestinal symptoms.

Spumax wzdęcia
Medical device
Soft gelatin capsules

Spumax wzdęcia is used for alleviation of gastrointestinal symptoms caused by an excessive accumulation of gases (flatulence, fullness, rebounding, dyspepsia) as well as during a preparation for diagnostic radiology, ultrasonography and endoscopy tests. Thanks to the high content of simethicone (125 mg per capsule), Spumax wzdęcia improves the excretion of gases and alleviates symptoms from the digestive tract.
Package contents: 30 soft gelatin capsules

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Before using the medical device, please refer to the supplied instruction of use, which contains important information about the method and conditions of its use.


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