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Su-ho plus

Ear spray
Medical device

Prevention and adjuvant treatment of external ear canal inflammation.

Su-ho plus
Medical device
Ear spray

Prevention and adjuvant treatment of external ear canal inflammation, especially in case of frequent or prolonged contact with water.

Su-ho plus spray contains specially selected components that contribute to the rapid drying out of skin of external ear canals. An acidic component helps to restore and maintain the natural acidic coating of the skin. Dexpanthenol provides an additional protection and skin care.

Composition: isopropyl alcohol, acetic acid, dexpanthenol, water.
Package contents: 10 ml bottle with a spray cap.

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TACTICA Pharmaceuticals Sp. with o.o.
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Before using the medical device, please refer to the supplied instruction of use, which contains important information about the method and conditions of its use.

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